Reading Unlocked

Reading Unlocked’s
Simplified Phonics™ program
is the easiest way to
Learn to Read.

Reading Unlocked

Our Simplified Phonics™ program teaches children to read and write.

Reading Unlocked is a structured phonics program that adapts to your child, reviewing mistakes and working at their pace.

Children learn to read and spell phonetically. Tricky words are taught separately to make them memorable.

Children confidently learn to read and write in only 15 minutes a day. Each lesson ends with an engaging poem for you to read with your child, so that they experience reading real texts.

Reading Unlocked teaches sounds, then easy words, then multi syllable words, in a clear and simple way. It teaches children to read, not to guess from a picture or guess from the first letter. It teaches children to read new words, without memorization.

Reading Unlocked's super strength phonics syllabus is particularly suitable for children with dyslexia or who find reading hard.

What Parents and Teachers are saying about Reading Unlocked

"The children love this programme. It is never hard to get reluctant children on the programme as they enjoy it so much and don't feel like they are doing 'work.' The sessions are fun, the children can work on them on their own and they can check and repeat if they do not get it right the first time. The support given by the makers of the programme has been absolutely excellent, and I would highly recommend it as a programme for struggling readers."

Jenny Cuddy, SEN Support, Malmesbury Park School

"The impact in a short time with some of our pupils has been staggering. The focus not just on reading but phonological awareness and spelling all combined means the child is immersed in the learning.”

Kate Bodle, Head of Learning Support, St Mary's School

"I've been using this program with my 6 year old son. When we started he didn't even know any of the letters. Now he is actively looking everywhere for words he can read. The course is so much fun that he begs me to do it, and often he wants to keep going and do two or three lessons at once. The course is innovative, well-planned and exciting. My kid loves it, and I love seeing his progress."

Beth, Mom of 6, Arizona

"My 7 year old son is really enjoying this program. It is the first program that he has been fully engaged with, and we have tried many other reading lessons! The multi-sensory approach makes it fun to use, and the different stages and encouraging words help bring a sense of achievement. This program is helping my son become a confident reader. Highly recommend!"

Clare, Mom of 2, Washington

15 Minutes a Day
US or UK spelling
Play on PC or iPad